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"I honestly did not expect that a Maths Methods lecture could be so helpful and informative. There were so many things throughout the year that I had missed which just clicked when they were explained in a clear and visual way."

Monique W, Balwyn High School

"The presentation was very exam focused and we covered every aspect of the exam which was incredibly useful."

Claire S, Ruyton Girls' School

"Everything was explained a way we could all understand and the lecturer made sure that we knew what we needed to know."

Isabella M, Ballarat Grammar

"Really good way to revise and consolidate my knowledge just a few short weeks away from the exam. I feel much more prepared to study as I’ve been able to identify the content I know well and the content I need to revise. It was also really great that the presenters gave us tips on approaching our study. I feel motivated and ready for exam preparation."

Christina A, Haileybury Girls College


Ingrid Mao

2014 Connect Student → 2015 Australian National University Student

As I attended each lecture, I became increasingly confident in not only what I was studying, but also how I studied. All in all, I can positively say that Connect Lectures were no doubt crucial in assisting me achieve my academic goals.

"I found this lecture helpful and beneficial in regards to having the content discussed in exam format. It was also good to hear from someone who had just finished the course, did really well and is close to our age :)"

Merisa B, Bentleigh Secondary College

"Loved it! Really good revision of everything I’ve learnt in school and how to use that to answer VCAA questions for the exam plus common mistakes!"

Natalie C, Emmaus College

"I would without a doubt recommend this lecture to a friend. I feel far more confident walking into the exam thanks to Connect Education."

Brad O, ELTHAM College

"Highly valuable. I feel more prepared for the exam and ready to tackle practice exams. Awesome lecture by James! He definitely knows his stuff and effectively explained the concepts. And his use of jokes/cool references made the lecture more engaging. Would highly recommend this lecture to other Year 12 students."

Jessica T, Williamstown High School

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