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With a content-heavy subject like VCE Accounting, it’s important to cover all bases. It’s also important to learn how content is assessed. That’s why Connect’s VCE Biology SuperClass offers comprehensive coverage of all things Unit 4, and more.

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The Headstart Lecture (Winter)

The Revision Lecture (Spring)

Thursday, July 12th. Lecture Concluded.

William Angliss Institute.

Preparing you to ace Unit 4.

With VCE Accounting Headstart, revisit big ideas of Unit 3, like cellular respiration, photosynthesis and physiological immune defences. Then, take big leaps forward into Unit 4, by putting the trickiest topics under the microscope.

First, understanding cellular processes and immunity.

To end Unit 3 on a high note, we’ll help you understand and apply principles of cellular respiration, photosynthesis and human immunity with confidence, addressing some common misconceptions and roadblocks to your success.

Then, a big leap into Unit 4 content.

With exams only a few months away, getting a grasp on the most challenging topics of Unit 4 is key. We’ll start you off on the right foot with a detailed overview of population genetics and evolution, as well as a sneak peek into patterns and evidence of biological change.

SAC prep. And a peek at the exam.

In both SACs and the exam, you will often be presented with unfamiliar contexts where you need to apply core Unit 4 concepts. We’ll be covering many examples and applications to help you truly grasp these essentials, and slip in a few exam tips along the way, straight from our own experiences in the examination hall.

The lecturers you've been missing.

When you take advantage of Australia’s best lecturers, there’s no limit to what you can achieve. That’s why students who are serious about top scores choose Connect. For VCE Accounting Headstart, you’ll join:

Sunday, October 7th. Lecture Concluded.

William Angliss Institute.

A great Accounting lecture. From genetics to immunology.

VCE Accounting is a busy course, with numerous concepts to understand and apply. Connect covers the fundamentals and the most challenging parts of Unit 3 and 4 in two stunning revision lectures. Learn from the best about how to earn great marks in your upcoming exam.

The crux of genetics and evolution.

Learn what you absolutely must know, and then the extra details that will help you get higher marks. We will build and extend upon knowledge of DNA’s role in controlling the body’s function and discuss all the differences between genetic information in prokaryotes compared to eukaryotes. We will also discuss various emerging genetic technologies such as gel electrophoresis, DNA microarrays and cloning and their implications for modern society.

Linking Unit 3 to the exam.

It’s easy to forget about Unit 3 and how it relates to the exam, so we’ll be showing you exactly what to look out for, with plenty of practice questions and advice. Plus, you’ll also revise the key content, as well as many of the most difficult and confusing topics, such as photosynthesis, immunology and signal transduction. Importantly, we’ll make sure you have understood the first area of study clearly, as students so often miss some of the basics in biochemistry because it was studied such a long time ago.

Learn how to write great answers.

Ultimately, the only way to earn marks is by conveying your knowledge on the exam paper. You’ll learn about the best methods for approaching questions, and how to flag your answers with the right words and structures for examiners. Not only will you receive comprehensive course revision, but at every step of the way there will be exam questions to reinforce your knowledge. Tickets to the VCE Biology lectures will book quickly, so make sure you reserve your seat early.

The lecturers you've been missing.

When you take advantage of Australia’s best lecturers, there’s no limit to what you can achieve. That’s why students who are serious about top scores choose Connect. For VCE Accounting Revision, you’ll join:

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