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The Headstart Lecture (Winter)

The Revision Lecture (Spring)

Tuesday, July 10th. Lecture Concluded.

William Angliss Institute.

Improve your living standards.

With VCE Economics Headstart, review and consolidate everything from relative prices to the labour force underutilisation rate. Seize the opportunity to cement your understanding of economic principles, then take it further for SACs and your exam.

Goals, markets, trade.

We’ll begin by gaining a clear understanding of the foundation of economics —microeconomics. We’ll then dive into macroeconomics, going through all the nitty-gritty details of Australia’s economic goals so that you’ll be able to effortlessly relate these key macroeconomic concepts with one-another and their implications for Australian living standards.

Then, a Unit 4 outlook.

Understanding how our government institutions and bodies interact with our economy will prove essential to the quality of your economic analysis. From immigration policy to transmission mechanisms, Unit 4 topics have often proved to be the most challenging parts of the exam. This is why we’ll be looking to tackle them head-on in the winter break so that you’ll be prepared for your SACs and the exam.

Trend up in SACs and the exam.

Having the the skills to implement and demonstrate your knowledge and understanding to assessors is the key to differentiating yourself from the rest of the state. Here we’ll share strategies and tips for the exam and SACs so you develop a prepared mindset and skillset for acing VCE Economics.

The lecturers you've been missing.

When you take advantage of Australia’s best lecturers, there’s no limit to what you can achieve. That’s why students who are serious about top scores choose Connect. For VCE Economics Headstart, you’ll join:

Sunday, September 30th. Lecture Concluded.

William Angliss Institute.

One session to get you ready for everything Economics.

Once more, Connect’s award-winning team will lead you through the ins and outs of VCE Economics, with cutting-edge advice and explanations to help you understand how to prepare for your exam.

Course revision meets real life.

Impress your examiners and learn more during the lecture, with vivid and exciting examples of how economics counts in real life. Cover the key areas of VCE Economics, with a distinct emphasis on aggregate demand and supply policies. We will explore how VCAA assesses the interaction between Unit 3 and 4, and discuss the best way to approach the longer extended response questions. Budget papers can seem daunting and difficult to interpret, so we conducted our own analysis specifically for VCE purposes, and will share this crucial information with you during the lecture.

Exam advice from exam experts.

We will break down the exam for you in plain language. Find out how we approached the exam with simple techniques, and earned Premier’s Awards in the process. No matter where you are at in the course, the Economics lecture will deliver brilliant advice on how to analyse questions and then respond in a targeted way. Plus, you’ll learn how to include the right events and statistics, something that will make your answers really stand out. This, and how to approach the multiple-choice section in a smart manner.

A lecture that everyone recommends.

Students and teachers alike love and recommend Connect’s Economics lecture — just like all Connect lectures — because it provides a highly relevant take on what’s necessary to succeed in the exam. You’ll receive crystal-clear explanations and a comprehensive overview of the course to help you revise for your exam. Plus, get the most specific advice on what you can do to achieve your goals in VCE Economics. Seats are highly limited for revision, so book early to save your spot!

The lecturers you've been missing.

When you take advantage of Australia’s best lecturers, there’s no limit to what you can achieve. That’s why students who are serious about top scores choose Connect. For VCE Economics Revision, you’ll join:


Kathryn Chen


Lecturer, 50 in Economics

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