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The Headstart Lecture (Winter)

The Revision Lecture (Spring)

Monday, July 9th. Lecture Concluded.

William Angliss Institute.

The definition of success.

With VCE English Language Headstart, revise key areas of Unit 3, including formal and informal language. Then, take big leaps forward into Unit 4, by doing a deep-dive on the topics that will prove the most challenging in the exam.

First, formal and informal language.

First off, we’ll rebuild your understanding of textual analysis from the ground up. You’ll recap the key components of formal and informal language, and practice how to analyse spoken and written texts using key metalanguage.

Then, the big topics from Unit 4.

It all starts with identity. Get ahead of the pack by learning how we use language to reflect and construct our identities in the world — from accent to ethnolects, you’ll get early exposure to the most essential and challenging concepts in Unit 4.

Exam prep: as easy as A, B, C.

Whether it’s Section A, B or C — our award-winning tutors will give you the top tips to succeed in all three assessment tasks. By the end of the session, you’ll be equipped with our tried-and-tested techniques for nailing short answer, analytical commentaries and essays.

The lecturers you've been missing.

When you take advantage of Australia’s best lecturers, there’s no limit to what you can achieve. That’s why students who are serious about top scores choose Connect. For VCE English Language Headstart, you’ll join:

Friday, September 28th. Lecture Concluded.

William Angliss Institute.

Hone your exam skills.

In this revision lecture, work with high-achieving past students to revise the core content and techniques that you need to conquer the exam.

Lock in your knowledge.

Maximise your exam preparation by reviewing the most fundamental concepts from both Unit 3 and Unit 4. In this lecture, you'll consolidate your understanding of the course as we recap essential metalanguage and clearly explain the most complex and challenging concepts.

Boost your writing to the next level.

In English Language, identifying linguistic features is only half the story. To ace the final exam, you'll also need to master your written expression. Our tutors will show you the tried-and-tested writing techniques that will directly enhance your short answers, analytical commentaries and essays.

Practice makes perfect.

Sharpen your abilities by being exposed to exam questions and sample texts directly in the lecture theatre. Rehearse the methods you've learnt as our tutors provide you with live demonstrations of how to approach some of the most challenging past papers.

The lecturers you've been missing.

When you take advantage of Australia’s best lecturers, there’s no limit to what you can achieve. That’s why students who are serious about top scores choose Connect. For VCE English Language Revision, you’ll join:


Sebastian Hawke


Lecturer, 50 in English Language

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