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The Headstart Lecture (Winter)

The Revision Lecture (Spring)

Thursday, July 12th. Lecture Concluded.

William Angliss Institute.

Your guide to linear growth.

This VCE Further Maths Headstart will actually be a comprehensive review of Core, where we will revise everything from Z-scores to annuities.

Simplifying data and regression analysis.

To start with, we will iron out any wrinkles students may have regarding both univariate and bivariate data. We will also target linear regression to ensure those tougher exam questions become our best friends.

Time for some time series.

There is little worse than confusing median and mean smoothing, which is why we will cover these two concepts in great depth . Then, to avoid any unwanted decay in SAC scores, we will revisit growth and decay as well as recursion and financial modelling.

3 standard deviations above the mean.

Further Maths is one of the most popular VCE subjects, which is why we will look at how to approach the exam and put you guys ahead of the pack. This session will leave no question unanswered, no scatterplot untouched.

The lecturers you've been missing.

When you take advantage of Australia’s best lecturers, there’s no limit to what you can achieve. That’s why students who are serious about top scores choose Connect. For VCE Further Maths Headstart, you’ll join:

Sunday, October 7th. Lecture Concluded.

William Angliss Institute.

The core of Further Maths, in extreme detail.

We’ve created a special lecture focussed solely on Core. It’s a must-attend three hours for those looking to not miss a single beat when it comes to answering questions without errors on the exams.

Taking you further than ever.

VCE Further Maths, despite conventional wisdom, is a challenging subject. Each mark is critical, and has a large impact on your overall results. With our help, we’ll enable you to find the course, content, and exams much easier.

Train your Core.

Connect’s comprehensive core walkthrough will ensure that you’re in great shape for the upcoming exams. We’ve designed it from the ground-up to provide the most complete Core preparation — including detailed assistance for challenging topics such as linear regression, data description and different types of smoothing. This lecture is interactive, with frequent opportunities to ask nagging questions and refine your technique.

Refine your exam craft.

Exam technique is critical. We have a great lecturer who’s completed numerous practice exams — with this in mind, we’ll be able to give you the exam-specific details to take you a leap ahead of the competition.

The lecturers you've been missing.

When you take advantage of Australia’s best lecturers, there’s no limit to what you can achieve. That’s why students who are serious about top scores choose Connect. For VCE Further Maths Revision, you’ll join:


Anant Butala


Lecturer, 50 in Further Maths

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