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Alex collins

Alex Collins


SuperTutor, 45 in Physics

Angela chen

Angela Chen


SuperTutor, 48 in Physics

Ashane de silva

Ashane De Silva


SuperTutor, 45 in Physics

Jerry jin

Jerry Jin


SuperTutor, 47 in Physics

Oliver crutchley

Oliver Crutchley

SuperTutor, 47 in Physics

Peter nguyen

Peter Nguyen


SuperTutor, 49 in Physics

Sanjana gupta

Sanjana Gupta


SuperTutor, 46 in Physics

Tushar nagar

Tushar Nagar


SuperTutor, 46 in Physics

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To work towards a top score in VCE Physics, you’ll need to overcome lots of challenging topics. The best support matters, across all units. In Units 3 and 4, students often find areas such as special relativity, electromagnetic induction, projectile motion and wave-particle duality most difficult. Tutoring at Connect helps students grasp these topics and more, with the stunning clarity that only Connect is known for.

Details matter. Application is critical. With our collective expertise, get actionable advice on how to perform better in SACs and the exam. The skills that matter most in VCE Physics include understanding apparently paradoxical concepts, tackling explanation and problem-based questions, and being apt at visualising and representing scenarios diagrammatically. You can count on clear guidance and feedback to improve your performance.

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