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The Headstart Lecture (Winter)

The Revision Lecture (Spring)

Monday, July 9th. Lecture Concluded.

William Angliss Institute.

Gain serious momentum for Physics.

With VCE Physics Headstart, revisit the key areas from Unit 3, including fields, induction and Special Relativity. Then, take big leaps forward into Unit 4, by doing a deep-dive on the area of study that often proves to be one of the most challenging.

Fields, motion, energy.

We’ll begin by consolidating our understanding of fields and drilling down into the nitty-gritty details of how to work with them. We’ll also recap the mechanics of motion and energy — in the context of Newtonian and Galilean physics right through to Einstein’s Special Relativity. All so that you cap off Unit 3 the right way.

Then, the big topics from Unit 4.

Wave-particle duality of light. Sounds mind-numbingly complex, doesn’t it? Don’t sweat. Make a massive headstart on this key area of study, drilling deep into the core concepts so that you can feel a lot more confident going into Term 3.

Accelerated SAC and exam prep.

Unit 4 SACs are really crucial stepping stones in the run up to the final exam, so our lectures are designed to help you really hit them out of the park. We also get your mind ready for the exam, with some early tips and a feel for what it takes to succeed in VCE Physics.

The lecturers you've been missing.

When you take advantage of Australia’s best lecturers, there’s no limit to what you can achieve. That’s why students who are serious about top scores choose Connect. For VCE Physics Headstart, you’ll join:

Friday, September 28th. Lecture Concluded.

William Angliss Institute.

Power up for the exam.

Transform into a VCE Physics exam master with 4.5 hours worth of radical revision and exclusive exam tips.

Back to basics.

Ensure your foundations are solid enough to take any question the exam throws at you. We will cover the core topics of Unit 3 and 4, with the focus on exactly how much detail you need to perform well on the exam. Learn how to apply your knowledge to exam questions in a simple, step-by-step approach.

Master complex concepts.

Confused about voltage divider circuits? Can't get your head around the photoelectric effect? We will lay out these topics in an intuitive, easy to understand way that will leave you feeling ready to tackle these topics in the exam.

Predict, prepare and pull it all together.

With the focus on the final exam, we will pick apart examiner's reports and common past exam questions, showing you all the traps in the exam. The lecture also comes complete with cheat sheet tips and study techniques specific to VCE Physics that will boost your study and your confidence for the exam.

The lecturers you've been missing.

When you take advantage of Australia’s best lecturers, there’s no limit to what you can achieve. That’s why students who are serious about top scores choose Connect. For VCE Physics Revision, you’ll join:


Angela Chen


Lecturer, 48 in Physics


James Bott


Lecturer, 50 in Physics

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