Connecting students with the best recent graduates to supercharge learning.

It started in 2011. Since then, we've directly empowered over 10,000 students to learn and achieve more. We do this by empowering the top ATAR graduates as mentors, creating everything from classes, to lectures and resources. And working hand-in-hand with some of the best schools and teachers in the state to support student learning.

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Our Mission

To give young people the power to achieve anything.

Our Values

At Connect, we believe in being young at heart, acting as a community, being learning driven, starting small and thinking big, and holding higher standards. These values guide everything we do.


From start to finish, young people are why Connect exists. Connect was created to give young people the opportunity to teach and learn from each other, and this permeates every aspect of our culture. Even as we age as a company, we seek to remain forever youthful, hungry and foolish. We value maturity, but we thrive in the excitement of youthfulness and helping young people grow.


Connect is fundamentally a community which prioritises people, relationships and shared outcomes. We’re stronger together. Our goal is to create an environment of mutual respect and opportunity – regardless of background. Everyone who interacts with Connect should feel like they are being treated on a human level.


Learning is not just for students. A passion for education and a growth mindset is what unites all members of the Connect community. We are hungry to learn, experiment, and continuously improve as individuals and as a company.


Planning and thinking of the big picture are critical, but we also value immediate and incremental action towards ambitious goals. We feel that the best way to channel our energy is by starting small and learning along the journey. We take inspiration from science and the mindset of hypothesis testing.


At Connect, our bar is higher. Many companies throw something scrappy together and believe in “good enough”, but for us, it’s important to focus on the things that matter and do our best possible work for our customers. We think carefully about how we design things and delight in doing the amazing.

An amazing team to drive it all.

Our team teaches with stunning clarity. Connect is a collection of the best high school graduates, who can explain, engage and inspire on a completely different level.

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Connect gives young people the power to achieve anything. Tapping into world-class mentors with Premier's Awards, 99.95 ATARs or top Study Scores, we provide students with a platform to supercharge learning.