Connect Aspire.

For Year 12 high flyers.

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Achieved a 48, 49 or 50 Study Score during Year 10 or 11? Join Connect Aspire, our early access program.

At Connect, we believe that the brightest students can also be powerful educators. That’s why we created Connect Aspire, an opportunity for you to join our team of world-class people before you’ve graduated from high school. With Connect Aspire, you’ll receive access to mentoring and university insights from our team, get early teaching experience so you can impact the results of your peers, and tap into free events that will improve your high school results.

Connect Aspire will empower you to be an educational influencer.

Connect Aspire is designed to give high-achieving individuals like you the ability to share your knowledge on a larger platform. You’ll receive training that will expose you to techniques for getting students actively learning, measuring student understanding, providing effective feedback, and being a powerful, engaging presenter. If you’re keen and we see that you’re ready, you’ll also get the opportunity to produce work or deliver workshops for Connect, an amazing experience to be part of while you’re in high school.

Develop your professional skills, get school and university advice, and foster long-lasting connections.

You’re destined to do amazing things, and we want to help you get there. Through professional development workshops on essential career skills, multiple coffee dates with your own personal mentor who’s studying a course you’re interested in, and fun social events with like-minded high-achievers from our team, you’ll gain a heap of life skills and career advice. Plus, make amazing lifelong friendships and networks to some of the most switched on young people in Australia.