Gold-standard tutoring, targeted at UCAT.

Work closely with high achieving UCAT tutors and current medical students who understand the mechanics behind how to get an amazing score that will open up pathways to undergraduate Medicine, Dentistry and Optometry. Maximise your score with the help of Australia’s best UCAT tutors.

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Meet our UCAT Team.

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Angela chen

Angela Chen


Lecturer, 96 in UCAT

Daniel bil

Daniel Bil


Lecturer, 100 in UCAT

Patrick hinh

Patrick Hinh


Lecturer, 100 in UCAT

High-impact UCAT tutoring.

With SuperTutoring from Connect, students can:

Master the basics.

Galvanise your understanding of the fundamentals before tackling the more challenging aspects of the curriculum.

Test yourself with questions.

Check and challenge yourself with a wide array of questions that will help you tackle the key skills needed to succeed in UCAT.

Understand the new design.

New Year, New UCAT. Demystify the new design and learn systematic methods to improve your score.

Get tailored help and feedback.

Stuck? Get clear and impactful explanations to tackle the trickiest of questions.

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