Gold-standard tutoring, targeted at Year 7-10 English.

Join the thousands of students and forward thinking schools who choose Connect to support them through high school and VCE. Our personalised approach to teaching means students receive the guidance they need to succeed. Prepare for the rigours of VCE English with the help from Australia’s best tutors.

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Favicon new Year 7-10 English
Favicon new Year 7-10 English

High-impact Year 7-10 English tutoring.

With SuperTutoring from Connect, students can:

Build on the basics.

Consolidate key skills of writing and analysis and learn the mechanics behind what make a piece of writing truly stand out from the rest.

Grow their confidence.

Hate writing? Build confidence with guided walkthroughs from Australia’s best English tutors. Receive personalised feedback to help you achieve your goals.

Get ready for upcoming tests.

Revise for upcoming tests. Practise with exam like essay questions so that you continuously prepare for assessments.

Prepare for VCE.

Learn insider tips and tricks which will set you up for success in all streams of VCE English. Establish key study skills and habits proven for success.

Get tailored help and feedback.

Stuck? Get immediate feedback and guided walkthroughs to clarify any misunderstandings.

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