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Connect hires the best tutors. With Premier’s Awards, 99.95 ATARs or 50 Study Scores. Plus unparalleled communication and teaching skills. Combine this with great resources, in-depth instruction, and detailed feedback offered in small groups, and you get SuperClasses. Every week, students learn the processes, knowledge and skills behind getting a top score. It’s the ultimate way to dramatically improve performance in coursework and exams. And it’s only at Connect.

Unlock higher scores with Connect.

Tap into our unique mix of aspiring top students and exceptional SuperTutors. With Connect, aim higher. A survey of our previous students shows achievement inside the highest 5.8% of the state. This includes perfect Study Scores of 50 and 99+ ATARs. In addition, every single student says that attending SuperClasses empowered them to improve their score. With Connect, anything is possible.

2017 SuperClasses Results Survey

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2017 SuperClasses Results Survey

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